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Injury Rehabilitation


Injuries can happen at any time, to anybody.

Injuries also suck.

Getting yourself fully functional again can be long and tough. I'm here to help.

Coming back from a serious injury can be really hard.

Living with an ongoing injury or condition can be really hard.

Finding your own way forwards, by yourself, can make things even harder.

Everybody is different and every injury and physical ailment can manifest differently. Having a good working understanding of how the body works can help a lot. 

If you could do with some help or guidance, please click the 'A little help, please...' button, above, and let me know a bit a bout your situation. We can chat about whether or not I can help and, if so, whether or not that might work for you.

I promise that, if it's outside my ability to handle, I will say so.

Let's start with a conversation...I may be able to help!

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