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Jon Chu is...

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...the 'secret weapon with a smile' for numerous Personal Training clients, Rehabilitation clients, Massage clients and Performing Artists alike. Jon has been training, hurting and helping people, professionally, behind closed doors since 2004.

Jon has worn many professional 'hats' over the years, from:- Contemporary/Ballet Dancer; Educator; Personal Trainer; Sports Massage Therapist to University Lecturer / Course Leader for Dance. 
He has also practiced Martial Arts since he was 7 years old and fuses this training and
experience with his knowledge of Dance and Dance Science within his movement coaching.
Jon still practices Tai Chi (Taijiquan) and was a Tai Chi Sword (Taijijian) Gold medalist
at Seni in 2008.

Jon now focusses on a holistic approach to well-being and improved functional movement, bringing all his knowledge, skills and experience to his work with his clients.

If this approach sounds interesting to you, please click the button, below, to get in touch and chat about it.

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